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I'm Kathleen, occasionally Kat, call me what you will. I'm a 20-something diabetic nerd-girl and damn proud of it.
I share my lovely residence with two cats, a rat lady, and a dog who is too big for her own good.
Current Obsessions: MCU, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Stucky shipping, and that beautiful sad trash hobo prince that is Sebastian Stan.

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Defiling Tony’s Bathroom

Steve and Bucky were fucking in Tony’s really nice bathroom. It was the really nice one on the main floor of the tower, where the meeting room was and everything. The public space. Gorgeous black marble countertops in there. Bucky had always liked fancy bathrooms, said it was his goddamn right to a fancy-ass bathroom after what he’d been through. Said he might as well enjoy the perks. Especially if those perks involve Captain America fucking him into that really nice marble until he forgets how to form words.

Plus the perks of defiling Tony’s bathroom and leaving it defiled.

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I’d love to animate it properly but I don’t have time :< 

But there are two bonus frames below :3 

"He’s stolen my robot!  Steve, your boyfriend is stealing my robot!”

"He’s not stealing your robot, Tony.  Bucky and Dum-E are just friends, that’s all."

"Well, you better look again, Capsicle, because your Russian BFF has a new BFF and it ain’t you."

"He’s actually Romanian."


"Oh.  Hi, You. You want me to draw you something? Oh.  Draw You.  Sure."

"AAAAAARRRGGH!!!! Super Soldier Boyfriends are STEALING MY ROBOTS! PEPPER!!!!!"

(I couldn’t stop myself :D you are so responsible for inspiring me to do more cute dumb stuff. you should be so ashamed of yourself ;P)

(also U is a true princess with original Steve-made tiara :B)


HA! And done. My back killing me has some upsides after all. I was mostly stuck in bed so I took to animating on my tablet. Problem is I don’t know anything about animating :S That’s why pacing (it’s right term?) sucks.

But still. Even with such a simple thing I learned a lot so next one will hopefully be better :)


Another thing I doodled last weekend but couldn’t finish this week because my back was trying (and succeeding) to make my life miserable :S 


Bucky getting a bell was already covered here ;P


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.



Please add more unwarranted explosions to gifs. It’s my favorite.

Magic in the modern world is damn fun world building


Tax credits for switching to mage-friendly energy sources.

Were-animals lobbying for lycanthropy to be part of ADA so they can get the days after full moons off.

NDN activists being rightfully pissed off at white green-witches for appropriating their rituals.

Immigrant magic…


Skill level of cosplayers I look up to


My skill level


x thor x loki x


romantic love will never heal mental illness stop thinking you waking up next to someone you’ve been in love with will solve everything including your crippling sadness because it won’t and it doesn’t this is a harsh reality some of you need to really take in and learn